Location de la chambre "Raha" (le Repos) au sein de la maison d'hôte La Terrasse Des Oliviers à Marrakech

Chambre Raha (la Repos)

Raha room (Repose room) is located on the ground floor with a surface of 19m², quality bedding and matrass of 140cm), ochre colour shades, giving you a well deserved repose.

All rooms are equipped with air-condition and heating, a private bathroom and sitting area: a real heaven of peace and tranquility, after a day in the busy streets of Marrakech. Adding to the magic of all the senses, we are offering high quality cosmetic products “Les sens de Marrakech”, orange flower shower gel, amber and musk shampoo and jasmine body lotion.

Each room is decorated in a typical Moroccan way, from de intricate stucco ceilings, bathrooms in tadelakt and zellige mosaics, beijmat floors and ceilings and furniture decorated with colorful zouak painting.

We wish that quietude prevails even in the suite names. The various names are all synonymous to the word “peace”, symbolized by the olive trees, adorning the patio and lush terrace.

Everything in the Riad is related to relaxation and comfort: the refreshing splash basin after visiting the frenzy souks, the sundeck chairs on the lush green terrace, the very comfortable couches and pergola, where you will enjoy your breakfasts and dinners, not to mention the cozy sitting area’s, to read your books or simply dream away… The magic and charm of Marrakech will do the rest.